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Wiper blades are an important part of equipping your car for all possible weather conditions, but drivers don't really think about them much. You probably remember the surprise that you felt the first time you had to buy fluid for your wiper blades to make sure they would work when you need them. Well, the truth is that you also have to replace your blades on a regular basis. If you don't, the friction against the windshield increases, causing the rain to be "pushed around" the surface rather than safely removed from your field of vision. As a local trusted auto repair facility , we recommend a replacement every six months.

Wiper blades can wear out over time even if you don't use them frequently, though most wear and tear will come from prolonged, repeated use. If your blades start to make unusual, loud noises, wiper fluid shortage is the typical cause. If, after changing your fluid, you still notice odd behavior, it might be time to visit an auto repair shop. You might notice, for example, streaks and other discolored areas in the path of the blades. Even an experienced driver is much more likely to get into an accident during heavy rain if the blades aren't functioning properly. If you are not sure if your wiper blades need replacement, visit your local Bruneel Tire Factory and let our experienced ASE technicians take a look.

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