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shocks, struts, Boise, Idaho, Understanding the various parts on your vehicle allow you to better grasp why and when certain parts should be changed out for new parts. The shocks and struts on your vehicle play a large part in keeping your tires on the asphalt and maintaining overall stability of the car. In fact, the shocks and struts play two different roles in accomplishing this end result. Basically, the springs take up the slack of absorbing road shocks and the shock absorbers provide moisture to the bouncing spring. Vehicles may have shocks and struts as a unit or it may have only one or the other.


Optimally, on the smoothest of roads, under the most prime conditions, shocks would work to stabilize your vehicle over 1,500 times per mile. The roads in Boise are great in some areas, but like many roads around the United States, there are those that remain in dire need of repair. Your shocks and struts are going to wear out because of the constant job they are doing to keep your tires on the ground and that's why, ideally, your shocks and struts should be checked approximately every 12,000 miles and replaced at approximately 50,000 miles. Keep in mind individual cases may vary according to driver ability, road conditions, and car type.

Unlike tires, it's much more difficult for the average vehicle owner to know when shocks and struts need to be replaced. Replacement determination should be left to an ASE Certified Technician like those here at Bruneel Tire Factory in Boise. A technician will conduct both a road and visual inspection of the car and determine if, in fact, the shocks and struts are showing signs of wear, such as excessive bouncing, pitching, or swaying during break checks. Replacement or repair may be required when there are bent or broken pieces, or if the brackets or bushings are worn or damaged.

Replacing shocks and struts when needed also provides the benefits of maintaining wheel alignment, preventing premature wear on wheels, improved braking performance, reducing wear other components that play a role in suspension, and preventing the early wear of suspension parts like C.V. joints, springs, ball joints, and steering linkage. Don't leave the safety of you and your passengers to chance. Have your vehicle parts serviced on a timely schedule and let the experts at Bruneel Tire Factory keep you safely on the road, so that no matter where you are going, out to dinner with the family, or camping at Bogus Basin, we'll make sure you get there with no problems.

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