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Brakes, Boise, Idaho, Auto, Repair , Car, Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car.  As a safety feature, they are one of the things you’ll want to make sure you keep in top condition.  Without them, nothing really stands between you and a bad accident.

To understand why brakes are so important, you need to understand how they work. There are several different parts to the entire brake system and they are all interconnected.  If one of them is not working properly, then the brakes themselves will not function at full capacity.

Brake fluid :

The pressure of from the brake fluid through through the brake line is what causes the brake pads to press down on the rotor.

Brake pads :

When the brake pads press down on the rotor, this creates friction, which interferes with the wheel’s momentum and slows your car down.

Rotor :

The rotor is what the brake pads have to catch onto if they’re going to create the friction necessary to stop your car.  They are shaped like a disc and there is one attached to each of the four wheels on your car.  

Calipers :

The caliper’s the device that gets the brake fluid to put pressure on the brake pads, starting the process of slowing the rotors down to eventually stop your car.

Brake hose :

This hose is essentially the way to brake fluid from its storage in the engine to the calipers.

There are lots of things that can cause where and tear on your brakes, making them wear out more quickly than necessary.  Some of the main ways that can wear your brakes out quickly is stopping often, especially from high speeds, carrying a lot of extra weight on your car and not doing periodic maintenance on your brakes.

If you want your brakes to last longer, keep these tips in mind :


  • Keep your speed down since stopping from high speeds wears your brakes out quickly
  • Only brake with your right foot; keeping your left foot on the brakes means more wear and tear.
  • Coast to slow down instead of applying the brakes right away.
  • Look ahead in traffic so you can slow down before you have to brake.
  • Good quality brakes and periodically flushing the brake system is better than getting low cost brakes “on special”.

The professional mechanics at Bruneel Tire Factory can conduct a brake inspection to find out if you need to have your brakes fixed - before something goes wrong - and provide you with the maintenance your brakes need to keep you and your family safely driving down the road.

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