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Tire, Siping, Boise, IdahoSipe your tires instead of using studs! Siping works year-round and is a sensible, effective alternative to studded tires. Siping improves your starting, stopping and driving traction on medium snow pack. Let us show you how.












Research has shown that the most effective braking power occurs immediately prior to losing traction. Siping extends the window allowed for the maximum braking power by giving the existing tread a helping hand. In the examples above notice how the SIPED tire has dozens more gripping edges. These micro edges reduce the distance needed for braking on wet and snow packed roads.



The tread surface on your tire is made up of many smaller surfaces known as "Tread Blacks". These surfaces are especially important when it comes to icy or wet road conditions. The Tread Blacks get their gripping power not from their many smooth surfaces but from the ever more numerous sharp surrounding edges. Siping improves the job started by your tire manufacturer by providing more of these gripping edges.



New asphalt is relatively smooth but time and wear exaggerate the coarse texture of the roads' surface, causing your tires to absorb most of the impact. SIPING gives your tires a Micro-Flexibility, reducing the wear on your tires carcasses and sidewalls. This effect not only increases the tire life but will result in a smoother ride.



SIPING is done by placing your tires (new or used) on a specially designed machine that rotates your tires while making small virtually invisible 90 degree cuts in your tread. Don't be alarmed! Although the process is actually cutting your tread, it doesn't harm your tire in any way, it improves it. Only under very close inspection can the SIPES even be seen, and you're more likely to tell by your improved driving experience than by visual inspection.




SIPING will not adversely affect your tires' performance in any way. The tread on your tires retains all of its strength due to the patented spiral cutting process. This process leaves uncut areas known as Tie Bars, keeping your tread strong.



Our SIPING process doesn't remove ANY rubber from the tread allowing the individual SIPES to support each other. To SIPE (in mass production) after the molding process would be too expensive and time consuming for the manufacturer. A molded SIPE (becoming more popular) would leave vacant gaps in the tread. Siping creates edges without gaps.


  • Scientific tests confirm it!
  • Improved traction up to 200%


An independent company tested the SIPING effect on starting, stopping, and driving traction while driving on medium snow pack. Repeated tests proved that SIPING increased starting, stopping and driving traction by as much as 200%! The Goodyear Eagle LS, (all-season tire) and the Michelin Pilot Sport (high performance tire), were chosen for testing. The traction of an industry-standard all-season tire (the Uniroyal Tiger Paw) was also measured (black bar in the graphic above), to set a base amount for comparison.



The unsiped (yellow) Goodyear Eagle LS traction measured 101 percent of the base tire; the SIPED (red) Goodyear Eagle LS measured 134percent of the traction of the base tire.


The unsiped Michelin Pilot Sport read only 35% of the base all-season tires' traction. SIPED tire traction improved by 200% surpassing the traction of the 'All-Season Tire'!






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