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Boise Auto Repair Services

OIl Changes

Oil ,Change, Boise, idaho, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Bruneel Tire Factory will provide complete oil change service that saves you time and money! Regular oil changes are essential for the life of your vehicle and to maintain your new car warranty. Complete oil change service at Tire Factory includes everything you expect and more. In addition to performing the services listed below, we’ll visually inspect your engine for potential issues to help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Check your vehicle’s manual for the recommended service schedule, or just come see us every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Auto Maintenance and Repair Boise IdahoWhen it comes to routine auto maintenance and care, it is better to get it taken care of than wait. At Bruneel Tire Factory we offer an array of preventative maintenance services to keep you are your family safely out on the road. It is important to change your fluids, rotate your tires and regulary inspect your brakes among many other items. Swing into your local Bruneel Tire Factory for more information. 

Brake Service

Brakes, Boise, Idaho, Auto, Repair , Car, Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car.  As a safety feature, they are one of the things you’ll want to make sure you keep in top condition.  Without them, nothing really stands between you and a bad accident.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment, Boise, Idaho Wheel alignments are a normal part of vehicle maintenance. In most cases vehicle owners will begin to notice abnormal tire wear or abnormal pulling or steering wheel vibration/shaking. If you begin to feel your vehicle pulling to one side or the other, it is time you visit your local ASE certified Bruneel Tire Factory mechanic to see if you are in need of an alignment.

Transmission Flush

Transmission Flush, Boise, Idaho, Repairing or replacing your transmission can be one of the most expensive repairs you may have to make on your vehicle. Maintaining your transmission according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, not only prolongs its life, but it can prevent a costly repair or breakdown in the future. To help maintain a safe and constant operating temperature, your vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the moving parts. The fluid reduces the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and helps increase the life of this important system. 

Car Battery Replacement

Car, Batteries, Boise, Idaho, At Bruneel Tire Factory we offer an array of car batteries for your vehicle. Proper fitment is critical for today's vehicles. Let us help you with the right application at Bruneel Tire Factory. Bruneel Tire Factory can install Car Batteries, Light Trucks / SUV Batteries, Lawn / Garden Batteries, Motor Homes Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Marine Batteries, RV Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries and ATV Batteries! Free Battery Check Anytime!

Coolant Services

AC/Coolant Services, Boise, idaho, Air, Conditioner, Car, The cooling system of your vehicle consists of several components such as water pumps, radiators, hoses, and coolant reservoirs. Failure of anyone of these components and your vehicle is inoperable and can further cause expensive damage to engine components. Regular flushing and inspection of the vehicles cooling system are recommended at least once annually, especially before the warmer months when the risk of overheating is higher. Visit your local Tire Factory today for more information! 

Shocks & Struts

shocks, struts, Boise, Idaho, Understanding the various parts on your vehicle allow you to better grasp why and when certain parts should be changed out for new parts. The shocks and struts on your vehicle play a large part in keeping your tires on the asphalt and maintaining overall stability of the car. In fact, the shocks and struts play two different roles in accomplishing this end result. Basically, the springs take up the slack of absorbing road shocks and the shock absorbers provide moisture to the bouncing spring. Vehicles may have shocks and struts as a unit or it may have only one or the other.

Tire Siping

Tire, Siping, Boise, IdahoSipe your tires instead of using studs! Siping works year-round and is a sensible, effective alternative to studded tires. Siping improves your starting, stopping and driving traction on medium snow pack. Let us show you how.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an important part of equipping your car for all possible weather conditions, but drivers don't really think about them much. You probably remember the surprise that you felt the first time you had to buy fluid for your wiper blades to make sure they would work when you need them. Well, the truth is that you also have to replace your blades on a regular basis. If you don't, the friction against the windshield increases, causing the rain to be "pushed around" the surface rather than safely removed from your field of vision. As a local trusted auto repair facility , we recommend a replacement every six months.

Belts & Hoses

Belts and Hoses are wearable parts found in all vehicles and are essential in their operation. Hoses transport fluids to and from various components such as the radiator, brakes, steering and transmission. Over time these hoses can dry out and crack or wear leaving the hose leaky and putting your vehicle at risk of breakdown. Belts are also key elements which assist with your steering and your vehicle’s cooling ability as well as its ability to charge your battery and operate other electric components. Each time you bring your vehicle into Tire Factory we’ll inspect these items and ensure you and your vehicle aren’t at risk of potential breakdown. If we find something that needs repair we’ll bring it to your attention.   

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