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Springtime is here… change those filters!

Your car is an important member of your family. Who else could get you and everybody in your home to where you need to go? Want to be stuck at home? Of course you don’t… and can’t! In order to ensure that does not happen, make sure your change your vehicles’ filters. These include the air filters, cabin air filter and fuel filter. Do not let this one go by the wayside or else you will be homebound!


What is your vehicle trying to tell you?

Your car may be your best friend as it takes you to where you want to go every single day. And just like how best friends should be treated, there is a need to connect to your car too.

While of course, it is true that your car does not have feelings of its own but being sensitive to the sound and the smell that it gives out may actually alert you that something wrong is happening inside its system. Here are the reasons why it is important to feel your car while driving.


How to avoid overheating your car during the warmer seasons

Car overheating is one of the most common road problems to ever be reported. It is almost a traumatic scenario as it is a sure ticket to an expensive car repair at the most unexpected time. But good news is, this can be completely avoided. Here are some tips to help you avoid your car from overheating during the Spring and Summer seasons.


Are your tires and vehicle ready for Spring?

Spring is a refreshing breather after the almost crippling winter season. As the season finally frees you from getting stuck at home, it may be the best time to also treat your vehicle to be ready for a beautiful season ahead. With all of that being said, Is your vehicle ready for spring? Here is a checklist to help you get started.


Safety Tips for Spring Driving

Spring may seemingly bring an improvement of weather after winter. Yet, this does not mean that it is safe to drive without maintenance and precaution during this time. Drivers need to understand that there is one thing to combat in this season – spring rain.


The thing about spring rain is that it may leave the driver’s view of the road quite blurry. So before this ends up troubling you, here are some of the safety tips that you can follow to find safety while driving during this season:


Spring heat and your tires!

Spring is almost here and with the warmer temps coming our way, we want to let you know how much the increased heat can affect your tires. Heat happens to be your tire’s worst enemy and the hotter the tire gets, the risk of failure gets high. It is to be noted that hot weather always impacts tires more than the cold weather and this is because tires usually build pressure, which causes overheating and eventually tire blowouts are experienced. Car owners are usually advised to be aware of how heat waves may affect their tires because no matter how safe and careful you are when driving, excess heat can easily cause old or worn out tires to fail. Consider avoiding the following when driving this Spring;


Is it time for a tire rotation?

Every car owner knows that eventually they will be required to rotate their tires, however most are not sure when exactly this needs to be done. For starters, tires should be rotated at the same time and it's usally easiest to do this every time you get your oil changed. This goes on to prolong the life of the tires thus saving you money and a potential blowout down the road. Below you will find a few signs that tell you it is time for a tire rotation.


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