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Winters can be rough on our bodies and our homes, but one thing that will undoubtedly need some TLC as the temperatures drop is your vehicle. Preparing it for the winter is an absolute must, and a few key things are worth remembering. Keeping the following tips in mind will ensure that your vehicle runs its best, starts when you need it to, and gets you to and from your destination. 

For over 32 years, many in the country have grown to trust one company with their vehicle tire related needs – Tire Factory. But the company announced in May of 2015 that it would be undergoing a dramatic change over the course of the year as it joins with another company, changing its name to “Point S” instead. 

As the temperatures drop, Mother Nature can bring some impressive weather to the world. While things like snow can be quite beautiful to look at, it’s not always fun to be out on the roads in these conditions. However, if you pay attention to a few basic tips, you should be able to stay safe on the roads and get to your destination even when traveling in snowy conditions. 

The holiday season is one that should always focus on things like family, friends, and being thankful for our time together. But for many who are in need, it can be a time of concern, fear, and need. That’s why here at the Bruneel Point S we proudly host the annual coat drive, and this year is no exception. 

Let's face it – no other time of year challenges your vehicle quite like the winter does. In fact, it not only challenges your car or truck, but your driving skills as well. When snowfall occurs or when rain on the road freezes over, driving becomes much more dangerous. You and your family deserve to stay safe and one step you can take to improve your safety is to invest in good tires for the coming winter.

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