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With winter here, it’s time to readjust those driving habits and be more mindful of safety on the road. This is especially true once the snow comes down and the icy roads set in for the season. If you’re still unsure what do when it comes to driving in snowy condition, just follow these tips for a safer, smoother driving experience. 


Pay Attention To The Road 


This is good advice in general, but for winter in particular, it’s especially important. It’s not just enough to keep an eye on other drivers, or potential animals crossing the road, you need to mind the road itself. Keep an eye out for telltale dark patches that may indicate ice, or other hazards that can make you lose control. 


Drive Smoothly 


If you keep your steering and acceleration smooth and gradual, you’ll have more control over your car. Jerky movements, like sudden turns, or flooring the accelerator are what can lead to a loss of direction, speed and control in your car. We understand that you want to take every precaution to protect yourself and your car. That’s why we have a special coupon which you can print out and present at any Bruneel Point S that lets you enjoy three tire siping procedures, with the fourth one free! For more information swing by your local Bruneel Point S for more information.