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Winter is basically here, and that means Idaho residents have to prepare for the arrival of colder temperatures, frozen rain, snow, ice, and other hazards that can make driving a riskier venture than usual. Are you ready to deal with what winter is ready to dish out? Have you taken these preparations? 


Winter Tires 


Traction is the one thing guaranteed to be affected by the arrival of winter weather. Your tires aren’t going to grip the road as reliably as they usually do once ice and other substances sit on the surface. Winter tires are your way to ensure you enjoy maximum safety and control while you’re on the road. 


Check Your Anti-Freeze Mixture 


You never know whether anti-freeze in your car is overdoing it, or something that just might save you from getting towed, so look into your mixture for the winter, and make sure the balance is right. 50/50 of anti-freeze and water is always a good ratio. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for this winter season, make sure your car is prepared for the cold along with you, and take it in to Bruneel Point S. As a special bonus, with any purchase at your local Bruneel Point S of $500 or more, our coupon lets you enjoy a $50 discount off your total!