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With the colder weather quickly approaching, it’s a good time to do a check to make sure your car’s heater is in good working order. The best way to check if your heater is in good working order is to turn it on full blast and see how quickly it warms up your car. You can also check the floorboard for any coolant leaks which is a sign that something may be wrong with your heater.



Your car’s heating system works pretty simply. Warm air passes through the radiator into the heater valve through a series of hoses. From the heater valve it passes into the heater core where a fan blows the warm air into your car. So there’s just a couple areas where there could be an issue that can make your heater not work. 


If your heater isn’t working there are a couple of things you can check. First, check your antifreeze levels to make sure they are correct. If your antifreeze is low, then fill the reservoir. If you haven’t changed your antifreeze in the last 30,000 miles, you may be able to solve a heating problem with an antifreeze change. Next, take a look at your hoses and see if there are any holes or leaks. Also check where the hoses are connected to make sure they are tightly secured. You can also check and make sure the fan is in working order by seeing if any air is blowing through your vents. 


If you find any of these issues or cannot diagnose the problem, now is time to talk to a mechanic to get your heater in good shape before the cold weather comes.