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Fall weather like rain, sleet, and snow can create hazardous road conditions and increase the risk of accident. The best way to stay safe this fall and reduce the risk of an accident is with routine tire maintenance. 


Fall road conditions reduce the amount of road traction, so you need tires that can grip to stay in control of your vehicle and ensure proper braking. Start by routinely checking your tire pressure as the outside temperature falls. Cold condenses air which leads to lower tire pressure. Without adequate air pressure, your tires will not properly grip the road. If the pressure is lower than the recommended PSI, you’ll need to fill your tires. 



Next check the tread on all of your tires. Low tread means less traction and can cause a loss of control on icy and wet roads. If the tread is lower on one or more of the tires, you may have an alignment problem and should have your car inspected by a mechanic and the low tread tire replaced. Also front tire treads tend to wear down quicker than back tire treads, especially on front wheel drive vehicles. If your tires are still in good shape you should have them rotated to extend their life. If the tire tread is very low, you need to replace your tires right away.


Basic tire maintenance can ensure that you have proper traction on hazardous roads. So make sure you check the pressure and tread routinely to stay safe this Fall.