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Are Your Tires In Shape For Summer?

Once summer arrives, it’s time to stop worrying about your tires and just enjoy more quality time on the road, right? Not quite. Even though summer means clearer, drier roads, that doesn’t mean that your tires are free from any kind of seasonal hazard. Even in the summer, there are a few things you need to watch out for, to make sure your tires keep working smoothly.

Pressure & Heat

For example, many people are aware that cold temperatures can cause air to compress, making tires under inflated in the winter. But the opposite can happen in the summer. Heat causes air to expand, making your tires overinflated if you’re not watching your tire pressure. This is made even worse if you forgot—or simply didn’t feel like—changing your winter tires over to summer ones. Heat has an even greater capacity to damage winter tires and affect their ability to grip the road.

If you want to make sure your tires are ready for the summer, and every season to come, get them checked out by the experts. Bruneel Point S Tire & Auto Service as has outlets all over the Boise, Idaho area. Check in with us for service you can trust, special sales, and limited time promotions!

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