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All the components of your vehicle need to work together to keep you moving and to keep you safe. Brakes are easily the most important part of your safety while driving, and it’s important to keep them in the best shape. Our team will provide you with a free brake inspection and identify any potential problems.

For decades, Bruneel Tire Factory has believed in providing exceptional services at the best possible prices. The company began in 1966 and over the years has added new services to what it does without every forgetting our commitment to providing the best customer service possible.

Your tires are the foundation of your driving experience, and it’s absolutely vital that you keep them in top shape. There are several things to focus on here, starting with an inspection that will look for the following: 

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments in your life, and it’s important that you keep it working at its best no matter what. While plenty of people head to their mechanic or auto service team when they notice strange sounds or decreased performance, the reality is that a little prevention can help much more. Regular tune ups are a must for any auto owner.

Winters can be rough on our bodies and our homes, but one thing that will undoubtedly need some TLC as the temperatures drop is your vehicle. Preparing it for the winter is an absolute must, and a few key things are worth remembering. Keeping the following tips in mind will ensure that your vehicle runs its best, starts when you need it to, and gets you to and from your destination. 

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