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When winter arrives, it doesn’t just bring a drop in temperature, we get that famous Idaho weather with snow and ice on the roads. This means that you can’t just take corners and speed down the roads like it was a warm, dry summer’s day in July. You have to make allowances for the climate in your driving, and here are a few ways to do it.

We all know that vehicle maintenance is one of the keys to getting better performance and a longer lifespan out of your vehicle. But what you struggle with is figuring out just when your vehicle needs inspections. Falling into a routine is a good idea, and one of the best steps that you can take is to use the back to school season as an indicator that you need to get a basic inspection for any potential issues. 

Vehicle maintenance is something that is absolutely vital for anyone hoping to improve their vehicle’s performance and lower the overall operating costs of it. One thing that is worth paying attention to is tire rotation, and a surprising number of people often overlook this. It’s a mistake to do so, however. Here are some points worth understanding:


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